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5 Daisy Wiki

The Daisy Wiki is a generic web-based frontend to the repository server. It provides both publishing and editing/management features. Please see the feature overview page for a comprehensive introduction.

5.1 Daisy Wiki Sites

5.1.1 What is a Daisy Wiki "site"?

A Daisy Wiki site is a specific view on a Daisy Repository. A site is configured with a default collection (the concept of document collections is explained on the documents page). Full text searches and recent changes are automatically limited to only show documents from that default collection. New documents created via the site are by default assigned to that collection. Each site can have its own navigation tree, and is configured with a specific document as the homepage of the site.

A site is configured with a certain branch and language: for any document consulted via that site, the shown document variant will depend on that branch and language.

The Repository Server isn't aware of the concept of sites, nor does the site concept partition the repository in any way.

4.19.2 Database schema5.1.2 Defining sites