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21.7.5 Run Maven release:prepare

you should build and install /tools/kauri-genclassloader-plugin separately

in windows after preparing release: find -name pom.xml |xargs unix2dos

Maven release:prepare performs the steps documented here, most importantly:

This does not yet deploy anything.

It is strongly recommended (read: official releases: obliged) to do this on a fresh SVN checkout to avoid non-clean situations:

rm -rf kauri-all
svn co https://dev.outerthought.org/svn/outerthought_kauri/trunk/ kauri-all
cd kauri-all

Then first do a dry run of release:prepare:

mvn release:prepare -DautoVersionSubmodules=true -DpreparationGoals="clean install" -DdryRun=true

As long as the effective mvn release:prepare has not been performed, you can back out with mvn release:clean

Why we need the preparationGoals parameter: by default the release plugin only executes the 'verify' phase, not install, but Kauri requires the artifacts to be installed in the local repository for Kauri Runtime based test cases to run.

Maven will interactively ask for: Optional: (recommended for official release) test the distro

Before actually releasing, assemble a binary release and test that the following work on a clean system:

Note: one way to do that is to clone your current directory and replace all the prepared pom's and then perform a distro build. (Don't use that changed setup for actual release building though.

$ cd ..; cp -r kauri-all kauri-distro-test; cd kauri-distro-test
$ find -name pom.xml.tag -execdir cp pom.xml.tag pom.xml  \;
$ mvn install; cd dist; mvn assembly:assembly

Then install the build distro somewhere and play around with it.  Things to check:

21.7.4 Test if you have sufficient karma and correct settings to actually deploy 21.7.6 Actual release building